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Rise pairs you with a nutrition coach to guide you towards your health goals. When eating, you can snap photos of your meals, then receive feedback from your coach o...


Fitbit has many resources — possibly more than some may choose to use. For exercises, it allows you to record workouts, runs, and heart rate. For diet, you can...


MyFitnessPal provides many tools and references to assist in weight loss goals. Track which foods you eat with 9 features including a calorie counter and restaurant ...

Lose It!

Lose It! has a broad platform made up of multiple features. The features collaborate to assist users in their weight loss goals. Track food with the barcode scanner ...

Mindful Eating Tracker

Mindful Eating Tracker follows the design platform of other TracknShare apps. The app pushes you to consume the “right” foods. If losing weight is your goal, the...


Aaptiv is the weight loss surgery app that provides more than enough variety when you’re exercising to contribute to what you lose in weight loss surgery. It emula...


Since it may be time-consuming to make out a strict schedule of meals and calorie intake, Fooducate is a free app for monitoring your dietary choices. It’s a conve...


This bariatric surgery app has been reviewed as the #1 app for patients who have undergone weight loss surgery. It boasts a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating in the App Stor...

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