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Obesity Action Coalition

October 16, 2019


Obesity Action Coalition is a health advocacy nonprofit for those who deal with obesity. The organization exists to educate people on the causes of obesity and treatment options, take action towards discrimination, and provide a community for people with obesity to support each other. The OAC is a national organization that serves over a million people and more than 58,000 members. 



The OAC is 19 years old and was established in 2005. The need for the organization was determined at a meeting of legislators. A congressman asked if there was anyone who represented those affected by obesity. After a lack of representation was determined, the Obesity Action Coalition was formed. 


Guidance Through Volunteer Groups

The OAC counts on volunteer committees, consisting primarily of doctors and executives, to offer guidance towards specific functions. The OAC committees are:

  • Access to Care Committee
  • Advancement and Development Committee
  • Convention Planning Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Leadership Circle
  • Long-range Planning Committee
  • Medical Tourism Task Force
  • Membership Committee 
  • Nominating Committee
  • Weight Bias Task Force



The Obesity Action Coalition invites interested people to become a member of the organization on their website. Membership is free and offers education through medical reports and a blog. Members also have access to participate in the Community Discussion Forum where they can receive support from others who live with or are affected by obesity.


Take Action

While education and support are vital components of the OAC, the website also shares how it takes action against the disease of obesity. There’s content explaining the social stigma against those affected with obesity and offers tools to fight against it. They’re also attempting to cause changes in health policy through advocacy efforts. 


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Obesity Action Coalition

Obesity Action Coalition is a health advocacy nonprofit for those who deal with obesity. The organization exists to educate people on the causes of obesity and…

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