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Procedure Options

October 4, 2019


There are various types of weight loss operations. The most commonly performed weight loss operations in this country would be the gastric bypass, the sleeve gastrectomy, and the lap band. The gastric bypass has been around for over 50 years and is still considered to be the gold standard when it comes to weight loss operations. The sleeve gastrectomy is relatively new in that it has only been around for about 7-8 years but it has now become the most common (or the most popular) weight loss operation. The lap band (otherwise known as the adjustable gastric band) has been around for about 20 years and at one point was the most commonly performed weight loss operation in the United States and in other countries around the world. However, currently it only accounts for about 5% of all of the weight loss operations. Bariatric surgery is a term used to cover all different types of weight loss operations, and that typically includes the sleeve gastrectomy, the gastric bypass, and the lap band.

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